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My guest author is a mom going through a lot of pain because of what her daughter has endured and will continue to endure. This mom reached out to me when she found out FB page for MST support. At the time of the original post - Feb 2018 - Her daughter was still an active duty Marine. (I thank her for her service, and trust me when I say, WE all want her to know that there are resources out there. What she is going through, a lot of other women have also. Please feel free to post comments with links to your groups, or resources that are good for an active duty service member who has experienced assault and is trying to navigate the system.)

My daughter was raped.

She's a Marine, who was raped by a Marine. She was raped so bad; she was put in the hospital, and now has permanent hip issues.

In that amount of time, her marriage was broken, and her life destroyed. The US Military have interrogated her about everything under the sun, to distract her and avoid the topic at hand.

The fact that she was brutally raped, by one of their Marines. (A supposed 'dignified person who represents the USMC)

My daughter was committed to a mental hospital, and put on suicide watch more times than I can count.

There were times when she was supposed to see her counselor, but was not allowed. She was ridiculed by her command. There were times when the bullying was so bad, she would sneak into the bathroom and call me to cry.

All she wants is to come home. And has fought for that, tooth and nail. All she wants to do is be with me, and start a new life. But now her Captain has accused her of lying about irrelevant things, such as how long she's had her child, and whether or not she was faithful to her (then) husband.

SHE might be serving time for this accusation. Now she is so scared, she doesn't care about the rape anymore. She doesn't stand up for herself in fear of being punished. She is defeated on a daily basis.

I'm speechless. I don't know what to do.

But it's time to speak up.

No more sweeping things under the rug, no more being quiet and scared for what they might do, no more blaming HER. NO MORE.

Please share this. Because I'm done being quiet.

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