Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Welcome home to your stories, your truths.

We are more than our Military Sexual Trauma (MST). We are badass WOMEN who are active duty and who serve/d our country proudly. We are Grandmas, Moms, Sisters, Aunts, Nieces, Spouses, Partners, Coworkers, Neighbors, Entrepreneurs, Students, and WE ARE VETERANS.

From trauma comes truth

“I am not my trauma.”

Support, Guidance, and Empowerment are ways we bond in our community. We will help each other overcome trauma. We will OWN our trauma and share our stories, our truths.

Using our voices through writing is therapeutic and cathartic.

Learning how to get the voices and stories out of our heads and onto paper can be a challenge.BUT, oh how empowering and soul lifting to speak the truth.

Sharing openly experiences with depression, suicidal thoughts, self image, medications, and treatments can be weight lifting.

We have formed an alliance with other female veterans who have also experienced MST and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the MST. The women veterans who have had these same experiences number in the thousands, probably tens of thousands. Some have reported, some not, but we all have that bond. The military is a beast of its own, and the stories deserve to be told, and heard, and believed, because they happened. AND they need to quit happening. It is time for a change, and time to quit brushing them under the rug.

THIS FORUM is our stories

By sharing our stories, the goal it to bring to light the darkness many women have lived with for far too long.

By telling YOUR story, you are telling your truth, and here you will be believed. AND in turn, your voice will get stronger, and your heart will hopefully feel lighter.

  • Email your story to SurvivorsMST@gmail.com for consideration to be added here.

  • To request membership in our private FACEBOOK GROUP

  • You can then be added to our secret writing group to help YOU write your story.

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