Sponsoring a book works like this. You sponsor a book here, and those funds go to our Book Crew, where we have a waiting list of women that would like a book. 


1. WVWS has a Book Crew, which is a reading group. If a woman cannot afford to buy the book due to being disabled, on a fixed income, or going through a hardship, we buy the book for her. It's that simple. 

2. Occasionally we will have a inspirational or motivation book that we want to send out to those in need and it feels good to participate in empowerment of day to day quality of lives. 


Sometimes it is an Ebook through Kindle or Amazon, and sometimes we can ship a hardcopy text, even ones that have larger print for those that have vision concerns. 


SPONSOR a book for a woman veteran

  • Purchasing this through our website, you do not receive a physical item. You are sponsoring a book for a member. 

    We will send you a card to let you know who you sponsored (anonymously) and you will receive a card letting you know the same. Share some details of why you wanted to sponsor someone and they will do the same. 

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