A survivor is born the minute they go through a traumatic experience, and live to tell their story.  For some, that may happen right away, and for others decades. What they have in common is the experience that changes them. 

The intersection of who we were before the trauma, and who we become afterwards, is the crossroad. It is not simple. It is not easy to put into words. We are not the same person. There are many more crossroads to come. 


For those that choose to share their stories, we offer appreciation for the bravery, knowing that it can and will help another person. For those that are not ready, or never will, we want them to know that we understand, we believe them, and we are here to support them when they are ready.

There has been much talk surrounding what a woman veteran looks like.

Should she have a certain look, a walk, a talk?

There is no doubt that if you meet a woman veteran, there is something unique about her. Portraits are a way to show that these women are all of us.

There truly is no other tribe of women that wholly understand the bond of the military sisterhood.


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